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We’ve been helping millions of travellers with their currency since 1973

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We price-check our rates to help our customers save on their travel money

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We help our customers get their travel money the way they want it and without the hassle - online or from one of our 180 stores worldwide

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From humble beginnings to a globally-trusted brand

We opened our first store in London's Victoria station with the vision of making foreign exchange simpler, fairer and more convenient. 

More than 45 years on, we’re proud to be one of the largest and most trusted foreign exchange retailers in the world.

Operating in over 180 locations in 10 countries around the world, we process one transaction every six seconds to over five million customers each year. 


ICE today

Whether you like your currency home-delivered, or prefer to travel cash-free, ICE has all your travel money needs covered. First and foremost, we’re a bureaux de change retailer, with branches in airports, train stations and high streets across the globe.

We also offer multiple online travel money services, including orders for home delivery or in-store collection, money transfers and our prepaid ICE Clear card.

If you’re a business, we also offer a range of currency solutions, from ATM partnerships to white-labelled currency services. See our business solutions page for a full list of the services we offer.