The Lenlyn Group

The Lenlyn Group comprises of currency exchange and banking.

Most of the bureau de change business is carried out under the 'ICE' brand name and the principal trading companies are International Currency Exchange Ltd and Lenlyn UK Limited. You can find out more about ICE here.

The banking activity is carried out through Raphaels Bank (R. Raphael & Sons plc) a UK Credit Institution, for more information please see

Our Group has operations across the globe with major profit centres in the UK, USA, Canada and China and we employ around 1,600 people. Our Group audited accounts can be found here.

Our Group headquarters and registered office are in London, England.

Strong regulatory controls

As a result of the ownership of Raphaels Bank, the Prudential Regulation Authority regularly monitors our whole Group in respect of such things as capital adequacy, risk profile, systems and controls. We are proud to meet their exacting standards of financial probity, which do not apply to most of our competitors.

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