How the ICE Clear card compares

Based on exchanging £1000 online
EUR Euro
You'll get
ICE Clear card
€ 1,160.00
Post Office Travel Money Card
Caxton Currency Card
FairFX Euro Card
Travelex Money Card

You could save €19 with the ICE Clear card

USD US Dollar
You'll get
ICE Clear card
Post Office Travel Money Card
FairFX Dollar Card
Caxton Currency Card
Travelex Money Card

You could save $20 with the ICE Clear card

EUR and USD exchange rates were those quoted on the respective providers' websites. Rates checked as of 11.00am on 20/12/2019.


1 card, 10 currencies

Use your travel money card abroad in millions of locations, wherever Mastercard Prepaid is accepted. Top up your card with your choice of 10 available currencies and switch between them easily. We won’t charge you any fees for spending outside the UK.

  • Euro
  • US Dollars
  • Australian Dollars
  • New Zealand Dollars
  • Canadian Dollars
  • South African Rand
  • Swiss Franc
  • Turkish Lira
  • UAE Dirham
  • Great British Pounds

Load your card with GBP (sterling) for those countries where we don’t offer their local currency. A foreign exchange fee applies if you spend in a currency that’s not on your card.

How it works

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Totally transparent

When we say it’s clear, we mean it. We know that unexpected fees can ruin a good holiday, which is why we show the card fees upfront so you can travel with total peace of mind.  

  • No fees to spend with your card abroad when you pay in a currency loaded on the card
  • Free to get a card
  • Free to get it delivered
  • Free to top up foreign currencies

We charge a small fee for withdrawing cash from an ATM for the ICE Clear card. To be completely open and transparent, this is the only way we are able to offer such a competitive exchange rate. Cash machine operators can also charge a fee on each withdrawal you make, so please double-check before taking out cash.

Terms and conditions for the ICE Clear card can be found here.

Travel with ease


Manage your card on the go

Use the ICE Clear app to top up, check your balance and track your spending from anywhere in the world.


Lock in your exchange rate

Unlike debit and credit cards, the Clear card locks in the rate when you top-up so you know exactly how much you have to spend on your trip (with no hidden surprises).


Easy budgeting

Track your spending on the app to keep on top of your holiday budget.


Built-in security

PIN protected, not linked to your personal bank account and much safer than carrying lots of cash. Lock your card in-app with a single tap if you think you’ve lost it.


24/7 support

Our dedicated Card Services team is on hand to help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

If your card is lost or stolen, call us straightaway and we’ll make sure you get a replacement card or emergency cash, wherever you are in the world. 

Please note that the emergency cash service is up to the available balance on your card and subject to availability as there are some countries that don’t have a money transfer service.


Your exclusive benefits

Upgrade your travel experience with exclusive ICE Clear benefits. You’ll get free access to Priceless by Mastercard, so you can enjoy unique experiences and free WiFi at hotspots around the world.

WiFi access lasts for three months after your card is activated, and an extra three months each time you reload with £100 or more.

Frequently asked questions

What are the fees & limits?

We want to make spending abroad simple, cheap and transparent for everyone – with no budgeting confusion or unexpected costs. That’s why we are completely transparent about our fees and limits. Take a look at the table here and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us.

How do foreign exchange transactions work?

Where we refer to a Mastercard foreign exchange rate, this is the rate set by Mastercard and may vary throughout the day.

You can check our foreign exchange rates and how they compare to the European Central Bank rates at

Can you provide Distributor Fees information

Where the card is used in a country that operates in a currency other than that on the card or you don’t have enough balance on the card in the transaction currency and the balance is taken from another currency wallet, the transaction amount will be converted into the next available currency in the usual wallet order. The foreign exchange rate is the rate determined by Mastercard, plus a foreign exchange fee of 5.75%.

You can check how our foreign exchange rates compare to the European Central Bank rates at
Please enter 5.75% as the foreign exchange fee

For more information on fees and charges, see our Terms and Conditions

What currency should I pay in?

When you’re travelling abroad, you should always choose to be charged in the local currency of the country you’re in. If you’re in Spain, choose Euros or in the United States, choose Dollars.

Why? If you don’t, you’re often charged a fee and will receive a mediocre exchange rate set by the ATM provider or merchant acquirer. If you pay in sterling the retailer converts your payment at their exchange rate and you lose out. This is called Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) and could catch you out. Remember to check the screen before authorizing transactions. If the value is shown in Pounds – ask that it is changed.

What can’t I use the ICE Clear card for?

Since the ICE Clear card is a prepaid card, we recommend that you don’t use it for reserving a rental car or hotel room, on a cruise, or at an automated fuel pump. Use any other card for the security deposit and your Clear card when the actual payment is required.

Although you can use your Clear card at automated petrol pumps, please be advised that an amount of €120–500 may be held for up to 20 days on your card. The merchant should release the hold when settling the transaction and debiting the correct amount from your card. For more information, see our fees and limits.

Is the ICE Clear card the only card I need to take abroad?

It’s a good idea to order a free additional card to take as a backup if your card is lost and stolen. You can leave it in the hotel safe and, if your card does get lost or stolen, you can block it and use your backup.

How do I check my balance?

Download our app for easy loading, checking transactions and balances on the go, and to check your pin.

What has happened to the ICE Traveller's Cashcard?

We closed the ICE Travellers’ Cashcard on 21 January 2019 and introduced an upgraded version of the card – the ICE Clear card. The ICE Clear card makes spending abroad cheaper, simpler, and more transparent for our customers. If you have an ICE Traveller’s Cashcard and want to read more about the changes, please click here.


Get travel cash

Card payments are great but it’s always nice to land somewhere with notes in your pocket isn’t it? If you’d like some cash, you can choose to pick it up in-store get it delivered to your door – whatever works for you.

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