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13 Jun

Five things you need to know before shopping at the airport this summer

For many travellers, duty-free shopping can be the highlight of a trip away, with luxuries including high-end fragrances, makeup and alcohol all available at discounted prices. As the name implies, duty-free is the term used for products that are exempt of excise duty and tax and are available to international passengers travelling outside of the

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Retired couple abroad
12 Jan

Ranking the world’s best retirement destinations

Many people on the verge of retirement see a change of scenery on foreign shores as the perfect lifestyle change in this period of their lives, when relaxation and indulgence take over following long careers that may have spanned over 40 years. While retirement options can often differ from person to person, the general consensus

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Payments abroad
08 Feb

Cash Remains King Overseas

Between 2005 and 2015, the number of people using their card to pay for everyday items has risen considerably. For example, in 2005, £8.6 billion was spent on cards by people dining out, whereas in 2015, that figure rose to £22.2 billion – an increase of over 158%. Technology has also changed the way we

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09 Mar

Cardiff flyers offered new travel routes

Holidaymakers flying abroad will be offered a choice of 11 destinations in which to spend their travel money, from a budget airline’s new British base. Flybe will start offering its Cardiff Airport service in June. Passengers on foreign trips will be able to fly into Paris, Milan, Munich, Dusseldorf and Faro. Routes to Jersey, Edinburgh,

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06 Feb

Eiffel Tower revealed as world’s top selfie spot

More selfies have been taken by holidaymakers at the Eiffel Tower than any other tourist attraction in the world, according to a new study. AttractionTix, a website that offers deals on tickets for global attractions, compiled the data of photos of popular sites for tourists on social media with the word selfie tagged to them

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