Travel companions ‘key to enjoyable holidays’

The key to a good holiday is as dependent on your travel partner as the actual destination itself, a new poll suggests.

British Airways American Express Card’s survey finds that over four in five UK people (82%) jetting abroad believe this.

The main barrier to foreign holiday enjoyment appears to be finding a hotspot that fits both travel companions’ tastes.

Well over one in three (36%) claim that a mutually agreeable destination is hard to find, regardless of whether they go with partners, friends or relatives.

The study also finds that Britons expect to shell out an average £1,350 in travel money during their getaways in 2016.

British Airways American Express Card says that finding a happy compromise to suit both companions is important with as many as 36 million Britons likely to go on holiday this year.

Its spokeswoman Heather Laverne believes that agreeing on a place where both companions’ interests are indulged is key during a “precious” break.

American Express, in conjunction with acclaimed publisher Phaidon, has now produced a new out-of-the-ordinary travel guide.  It takes readers to 10 of the world’s most spectacular cities.

Their “tour guides” are the workers and residents of each place, all giving their personal perspectives.

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