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Cash processing solutions

We offer a range of cash processing services that can be scaled up or down depending on the volume of cash and what you need. When it comes to cash processing, we don’t believe in a “one size fits all” mentality.

Use our cash processing services for:

  • Cash collection, counting & banking
  • Cash and coin processing
  • Float provision

As one of the worlds largest currency companies, we handle over £1 billion a year for our customers – we’re trusted and well known.
Being a currency specialist also means that when it comes to cash processing, we can handle both Sterling and foreign currencies.

We work with a range of companies to solve their cash processing needs, including:

  • Small, medium and large retailers
  • Airports
  • Car parks
  • Vending machine companies
  • Many other cash intensive businesses

Flexible & bespoke cash processing

We offer bespoke cash processing solutions that can be tailored to suit your needs.

We can provide bespoke:

  • Collection schedules
  • Processing procedures
  • Reporting
  • Service levels
  • Pricing

We provide hassle-free cash processing solutions with greater flexibility and more competitive prices than you’ll find anywhere else.

We also offer:

  • A dedicated relationship manager
  • A personal service – no call centers!
  • Fully secure & audited processes
  • Expertise – 30 years+ in cash processing

With decades of experience in cash processing, we are a partner that you can trust.

How cash processing works

The cash processing experts

We have over 30 years’ experience in cash processing – supplying concessionaire services to retailers, airlines, airport authorities globally. We are genuine experts in cash processing.

When it comes to cash processing, we don’t outsource to third party suppliers – ICE manage everything in-house to ensure high standards of service.

We operate dedicated cash processing centers at multiple locations in the UK and ROI.

Our team of trusted experts are on hand to help you reduce the burden, overhead and risk of cash management and processing.

Trusted by businesses since 1973

Cash processing FAQs

What is cash processing?

Cash Processing includes cash collection, cash counting and sorting and is a vital part within banking, retail and currency exchange. Cash processing is a service that ICE offers to help support businesses within the retail sector through its retail cash handling offering as well as those within currency exchange sectors such as its airport cash services. Our cash processing services include cash collection, sorting and collection for a range of businesses within airports and on the high street.

How is cash transported?

Security is paramount and we take every precaution to protect our partners’ money. Cash is transferred securely to and from our vault locations in sealed cash deposit bags. All cash is fully insured and there is a full audit trial of all cash deliveries/collections. Cash is transported to one of our secure cash processing centres and is immediately segregated by concessionaire, processed and verified under dual control and under CCTV surveillance. 

How much does cash processing cost?

Cash processing costs are variable. Our cash processing service is tailored to your needs – so we only charge for what cash processing services you need.

Our cash processing pricing is typically also influenced by the amount of GBP or GBP-equivalent foreign currency value that you need to process on an annual basis.

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