Pre-packed currency

Pre-counted wallets of currency you can easily sell to customers. No hassle.

What is pre-packed currency?

Make more money selling currency the easy way.

We provide currency already counted and securely packaged in individual wallets.

You simply sell these wallets of currency to your customers, over the counter, at whatever rate or fee you want to charge.

We provide pre-packed currency to many sectors and industries, including:

  • Banks
  • Supermarkets
  • Travel agents
  • Airlines

We can provide over 50 currencies in any value, popular choices are:

  • USD $100, $200, $500
  • EUR €100, €200, €500
Dollars 2

Why work with us?

We've been providing pre-packed currency for leading brands to sell to their customers for decades.

We can guarantee a reliable and cost-effective service.

Some of the key benefits of ordering pre-packed currency with us include: 

  • A simple ancillary product to sell to customers
  • Cash packages in whatever fixed amounts you require
  • Mixed denominations 
  • The opportunity to increase revenue and apply your own rate of exchange 
  • Secure next-day-delivery, which is fully insured and tracked up to £7500
  • No requirement to have a trading FX bureau de change

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