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Wholesale Banknotes

Bulk banknotes for your business – GBP, USD, EUR and more

Our wholesale banknotes offering

With over 45 years’ experience, we are one of the largest and most trusted wholesale banknote providers worldwide. We have extensive knowledge and a sophisticated international supply chain that enables us to provide a trusted and reliable end-to-end wholesale banknotes service.

Your business can choose from over 50 currencies, including English banknotes, Euro banknotes, American banknotes and more. When it comes to wholesale banknotes we’re experts who pride ourselves on offering competitive prices and a truly personalised service.

Why use our wholesale banknotes service?

A flexible and bespoke cash wholesale service

Our wholesale banknotes service is flexible. We don’t believe in “one size fits all”.

We offer different tiers of service depending on your wholesale currency needs. You can choose from a range of world currencies and you can even get mint Euro banknotes, mint US dollar banknotes and mint British pounds for your customers.

Wholesale currency you can count on



You'll be partnering with well established FX provider with decades of experience in wholesale banknotes.



Our whole cash ordering portal is highly secure, GDPR and PCI compliant.



We're a market leader in currency exchange and bespoke wholesale banknotes services, with over 50 currencies available



We offer a premium wholesale banknote service at highly competitive rates

Wholesale banknotes FAQs

What is a wholesale banknote service?

Simply put – we provide you with wholesale volumes of banknotes. Typically these notes are Sterling but we can also offer over 50 foreign currencies.

Amounts supplied per order can range from low amounts – such has a few thousand pounds – to tens of thousands.

Are wholesale banknotes new?

Many wholesale banknotes are new, but not always.

Due to the demand and nature of wholesale banknotes, there will often always be a proportion of used notes.

If you want to guarantee brand new wholesale banknotes in every order, you can specifically order our “mint” banknotes in EUR, USD and GBP.

What is wholesale currency exchange?

The wholesale currency exchange market is an important part of the global cash infrastructure. In the UK, wholesale cash distribution sits between the Bank of England issuing new notes and those notes being sent to individual bank branches, ATMs and
retailers. At ICE, we provide access to more than
50 currencies and supply chains, all of which are built on relationships with leading financial businesses. Our service can provide wholesale banknotes in a range of currencies for your business.

Who can you supply with wholesale banknotes?

Trust is important to us. We have a strong reputation for being one of the most trusted currency experts in the world.

Any customer we agree to provide with wholesale banknotes will go through an approval process and regular review to ensure everything is ship-shape.

We can supply almost any company with wholesale banknotes – typically it’s “cash intensive” companies, such as:

  • Retailers
  • Supermarkets
  • Travel agencies
  • Exchange shops & brokers
  • Events & venues
  • Airports
  • Airport concessions
  • Bookmakers
  • Casinos
  • Jewellers
  • Auction houses
  • Motor vehicle retailers
  • Restaurants

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