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ICE Affiliate Programme

You can benefit from ICE's experience in foreign exchange and start earning additional income simply by choosing to promote ICE's online products and services to your customers or employees.

Think you may have an opportunity to promote our foreign currency services? Fill out an enquiry form today to see just how much you could earn.

Once signed up to our Affiliate Programme, you get access to unique tracking links, so all you have to do is direct your customers or employees to our website. If they subsequently place an order with us, you will earn income every time. It's as simple as that.

ICE has been at the forefront of foreign exchange service provision for almost 40 years, and as the second largest airport foreign exchange provider in the world, we have developed global credibility and experience. Your customers will therefore be assured that by choosing ICE as their currency provider they are guaranteed competitive rates and an efficient, personal and dedicated service at all times.

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