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ATM Partnerships

ICE operates an estate of ATMs dispensing any combination of sterling, Euro and US dollar. All ATMs are DCC (Dynamic Currency Conversion) enabled and while the vast majority of our ATMs do not charge a convenience fee, this functionality is available. The ATMs accept Link, Visa and MasterCard badged cards meaning that the majority of cards issued worldwide can be used to withdraw cash.

Our ATMs are primarily located at travel gateway locations such as airports and railway stations and additionally at busy high street and shopping centre locations and we are keen to expand into new sites where foot-flow is significant and where there is a high volume of overseas travellers or demand for foreign currency.

At ICE we believe that ATM availability is key. We monitor all ATMs 24 hours a day and contract with high quality partners to ensure that our cash and maintenance requirements are met so that the ATMs are in service and available for use by your customers.

We have a range of service offerings to suit your needs from a fully managed solution where we will take responsibility for supplying the cash and the maintenance to self-fill whereby you would take on the responsibility for the cash supply and basic maintenance in return for a higher commission. In both cases we will supply the ATM hardware and communications as well as taking responsibility for any second line maintenance.

We are also able to provide an outsourced service for larger partners and financial institutions. This could involve strategically placing our ATM solution to allow you to deliver cash and foreign exchange services to your customers with minimal investment or outsourcing ATM services in their entirety. Either way we are the experts in driving revenues from ATMs via foreign exchange services and are happy to discuss opportunities with partners to leverage this functionality.

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