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Currency you can count on


Pre-packed Currency

ICE has great experience in the delivery of pre-packed currency to a range of supermarkets and high street retailers who have chosen to offer Euros and US Dollars in convenient packages to their customers.

Aimed at the hotel, retail and convenience store market, ICE Packs offer pre-packaged currency available to purchase over the counter.

ICE Packs can be supplied in any major tradable currency, where there is deemed to be a customer demand, and to any order value (e.g. US$50, €100). They can be packaged in either a mix or fixed denominations (e.g. €200 in €20's, $400 in $50's, etc) according to your customers' needs.

This convenient retail product is a simple foreign exchange solution for those retailers who have no experience in the currency supply market and would like to break into it, but cannot justify operating a full in-house Bureau de Change facility.

ICE Packs are an easy to sell ancillary product, and allows retailers to increase revenues by providing their customers with an easy solution to their travel needs - which allows


  • Aimed at the hotel & retail market.
  • Available in any currency.
  • Packaged in any denominations.
  • Increased revenues without any hassle.
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