Prepaid Card Services

Raphaels Bank, a sister company of ICE, is an issuing and acquiring member of both Visa and MasterCard® that uses these memberships to bring new Prepaid card propositions to the market-place with partners that are not card scheme members.

Raphaels Bank works with a number of household names to issue Prepaid cards ranging through travel, payroll, money transfer, general payments, gift cards, insurance claim disbursement and other payment cards.

The Bank's regulatory expertise and settlement capabilities, combined with card scheme memberships, give it a unique market positioning in the UK and Raphaels is actively developing new relationships with a range of UK, USA, European and other overseas partners.

Raphaels Bank has established a market-leading position in the UK through its expertise and open approach to partnerships and is one of the largest UK issuers of both MasterCard® and Visa Prepaid cards.

Raphaels Bank has active relationships with a number of processors, including FIS, Yalamanchili, M2 Global, IPS and StoreFinancial, and is happy to consider additional relationships with Card Scheme certified providers.

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