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Currency you can count on


Business Money Transfer

Save money on Business Foreign Exchange with ICE and TorFX

With accommodation, travel and dining to consider, overseas business trip expenses can really start to stack up. With the help of ICE, small business expenses can be easily taken care of. For the convenience of clients with larger foreign exchange requirements, ICE has partnered with leading currency broker TorFX. This association means that more substantial or recurrent business foreign exchange transfers can be handled professionally and in the most financially rewarding manner.


One-Off Business Currency Transfers

Businesses with overseas commitments are constantly exposed to the risks associated with erratic foreign exchange movements. As exchange rates can shift by as much as 10% in a matter of weeks, having access to the latest currency movements and market trends can be instrumental when it comes to picking the most lucrative time to make a trade. Consequently, TorFX supplies its clients with regular market updates and offers fast, free and totally secure transfers on over 50 global currencies. Whether you have £10,000 to exchange or £2,000,000 you won't have to pay a penny in transfer fees or commission costs and your transaction will go through at the best possible exchange rate (rates secured by TorFX often beat the banks by over 3%).

TorFX also provides guidance on taking a proactive approach to managing current and future exposures and can help maximise profitability with its specialist services. Forward Contracts, for example, give you the option of fixing a favourable rate for up to a year in advance of a trade. Fixing a rate in this way means you can safeguard your funds from adverse market movements and budget for future outlays more effectively. Clients interested in getting the best deal on their business foreign exchange may also be interested in Limit Orders (where a currency is purchased automatically once it hits a pre-agreed rate) and Stop Loss Orders (where a currency is bought as soon as it drops to a pre-set minimum level).


Regular Overseas Payments

Companies which need to send money abroad on a regular basis may find the Regular Overseas Payments service offered by TorFX particularly useful. With the ROPs service you can secure a commercial rate on automated regular payments and avoid paying transfer fees and commission costs. Payments are carried out automatically on the day of your choosing, and more than one plan can be taken out at a time. This service is available for businesses needing to make regular transfers of between £500 and £10,000 on a monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly basis, over a minimum period of 6 months.

The benefits of using ICE partner TorFX for your CFX requirements?

So what are the benefits of using our partner TorFX for your business forex requirements?

  • Simple set-up
  • No Transfer Fees and No Commission
  • Transfers made at the best possible commercial exchange rate
  • Low minimum transfer amount
  • Having the expert guidance from a dedicated Account Manager
  • Secure, automatic transfers (TorFX is authorised by the FCA)
  • Flexibility, allowing you to change contract dates or amounts with ease
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