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PIN Services

Change Your PIN

How To Change Your PIN

You can easily change your PIN to something you find more memorable.

Forgotten PIN

To change your PIN:

  1. Go to a UK ATM displaying the MasterCard ® acceptance mark (it must also have a PIN change facility)
  2. Select 'PIN Services'
  3. Follow the instructions on the screen

For security reasons we recommend that you should not choose a PIN that can be easily guessed, e.g. 1234.

I Have Forgotten My PIN

If you have forgotten your PIN, it's easy to get a new one

With so many passwords, passcodes etc. to remember, it's not surprising that we forget one or two from time to time.

To get your PIN for your NEW Card or if you have forgotten your PIN,
please call our 24/7 automated number

Forgotten PIN

Call: 01455 897 896 within the UK

or +44 1455 897 896 from overseas

(i) Calls cost 5p per minute when calling from a landline. Calls from mobile phones may vary. If for any reason you have any difficulties getting your PIN, please contact us immediately on 0330 123 1430.
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