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Benefits of the ICE Travellers Cashcard

Convenient, straightforward and easy to use,
our multi-award winning prepaid travel card has many benefits.

  • 1.5% Cashback on Purchases

    Every time you spend €50/$50/£50 or more in one purchase with your ICE Travellers Cashcard you'll get 1.5% cashback – helping your travel money to go a little further!

Benefits of Cashcard
  • Buy-back guarantee

    If you don't spend as much as you expected, we'll be happy to convert any unused euros or dollars back to sterling for you when you return home. If you have less than €100 or $100 on your cashcard, we'll convert your unused currency back commission free and at the same exchange rate you locked-in to, providing you loaded your card within the last seven days.

  • Free backup card

    We give you two ICE Travellers Cashcards when you apply, just in case something happens to your first one. If your card gets lost or stolen, just give us a call and we'll transfer the balance over to your backup card right away – no need to let it spoil your holiday!

  • Locked exchange rate

    If you buy local currency while you're abroad, you not only risk fees and charges – you could also lose out on the exchange rate too. With the ICE Travellers Cashcard, the exchange rate stays the same as on the day of loading, making it easier to budget.

  • Safety guaranteed

    With your travel cashcard, you can be reassured that your payments are protected by Chip and PIN security, so your purchases are safe anywhere you see the MasterCard® acceptance mark. Even if your card is lost or stolen, nobody else will be able to spend your money once the loss has been reported – and unlike with a debit card, it's not linked to your bank account.

  • Nice and simple

    Once you've received and activated your ICE Travellers Cashcard, you're ready to go! It's all you need to withdraw spending money from cash machines around the world and shop anywhere that you see the MasterCard® symbol.

  • No hidden fees, surprises or costs

    We won't charge you for using cash machines abroad* and there are no 'inactivity fees' to worry about if you decide not to use your card. Euro and US Dollar cards have no fees** at all if you initially load more than £700 and, unlike many debit cards, there are no foreign currency charges to consider whenever you use it.

*Some cash machine operators may charge their own fees.

**ICE Travellers Cashcards purchased with less than £700 loaded onto them cost £4.75. There is a top up fee of 2.85% for the Sterling Card. Top ups made by Credit Card incur a fee of 2%.

Standard ICE Travellers Cashcard Terms & Conditions apply.

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