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The ICE Euro Travellers Cashcard

Load it with Euros and say Bonjour to a fantastique range of benefits

From Amsterdam to Rome, the Euro Travellers Cashcard offers you a safe and secure way to spend Euros, making it the ideal travelling companion.

Using your card

There are hundreds of thousands of cash machines across Europe and you can withdraw cash, fee-free, from almost all of them. We don't charge fees for using cash machines; however certain cash machine providers may charge their own fee. You can use your card wherever you see the MasterCard® acceptance mark, including millions of hotels, restaurants, shops and stores across Europe.

1.5% Cashback on spending

What could be more convenient than having a euro travel money card and prepaid MasterCard® in one? Well, how about a prepaid card that also gives you 1.5% Cashback every time you make a purchase above €50! Whether you're enjoying dinner on the Champs-Elysées or choosing a suit in Milan - the Euro Travellers Cashcard gives you cashback on everything you buy over €50. The more you spend on your card, the more cashback you'll receive - so it could quickly add up. It only takes a few minutes to order your card.

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  • Euro Travellers Cashcard

    Some European travel cards come with small-print charges such as annual or ATM fees, and these can soon swipe any savings the card might offer. The ICE Travellers Cashcard is completely free of fees*.

  • 1.5% Cashback on all your purchases

    Whenever you use your ICE Travellers Cashcard, you'll receive 1.5% Cashback on all your purchases - so each time you treat yourself, we'll treat you too!

  • The reassurance of a back-up card

    If your ICE Travellers Cashcard is lost or stolen, there's no need to worry. When you apply, you'll receive two cards - one is loaded with your euros and the other is there for back-up. With just one call to us, you can cancel your main card and have your balance switched to your second card.

  • Safety first

    Chip and PIN is a very secure payment method, so you can shop safely anywhere in Europe. Rest assured, no-one else can access your funds once your card has been reported lost or stolen. And as it's not linked to a bank account, your ICE Travellers Cashcard has none of the risks of using a debit card, and is a safe alternative to cash and travellers cheques.

  • Commission-free buy back

    Unlike other prepaid travel cards that keep your balance if you leave it unused for a certain length of time, we'll buy back up to £100 worth of your unused Euros from you - commission-free and at the same rate, when you've loaded your card in the previous 7 days.

  • Lock in your exchange rate

    When you load your ICE Travellers Cashcard, you also benefit from a locked Euro exchange rate. Exchange rates are known to go up and down but with the ICE Travellers Cashcard the rate you receive when you load the card is the rate that stays.

*ICE Travellers Cashcards purchased with less than £700 loaded onto them cost £4.75. If you choose to load your card with money from a credit card, ICE will charge a 2% loading fee.

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