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The ICE Sterling Travellers Cashcard

The safe and secure way to spend your money worldwide

For travelling within Europe and the USA you'll need our Euro or Dollar Travellers Cashcards. For anywhere else in the world, you'll want our Sterling Travellers Cashcard, which is loaded with British Pounds. You can then use this card in the UK, or anywhere else in the world where the Mastercard® logo is shown, knowing you are safe and secure with a free backup card and Chip & PIN. In addition, you'll get 1.5% Cashback every time you make a purchase over £50. The more you use your Sterling Travellers Cashcard, the more Cashback you'll receive - so while you're spending, you're rewarding yourself too. Start by treating yourself to the Sterling Travellers Cashcard.

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  • Free back-up card

    Unlike conventional debit and credit cards, we'll send you two cards when you apply - one loaded with your pounds, and the other as a handy back-up card. If your main card is lost or stolen, simply call us and we'll transfer the balance onto your second card. With the Sterling Travellers Cashcard you really can leave your worries at home.

  • 1.5% Cashback on purchases

    Whenever you use your Sterling Travellers Cashcard for purchase over £50, you'll receive 1.5% Cashback - so each time you treat yourself, we'll treat you too!

  • Easy to use

    As soon as you've received and activated your Sterling Travellers Cashcard you're ready to use it in cash machines and anywhere you see the MasterCard® symbol.

  • Use in the UK

    Our Sterling Travellers Cashcard can also be used in the UK to make purchases and withdraw cash. Truly a card for home and away.

Please note: a 2.85% load fee applies to all Sterling Travellers Cashcard top-ups.

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