What is a prepaid card?

The convenience of a credit or debit card - without the costs

A prepaid travel money card lets you budget exactly for the amount of money you want to spend while you're abroad. There's no credit facility, and you simply spend up to your balance. So whether you're someone who likes to plan every detail of your trip, or you'd just like an easy way to avoid over-spending - a prepaid travel card is the answer.

There are other prepaid travel cards on the market - but the ICE Travellers Cashcard is packed with a wide range of benefits.


For a start, there's the cost - or in our case, the lack of it. Credit and debit cards, and even other prepaid cards, are often loaded with hidden costs, annual fees and charges for overseas spending. The ICE Travellers Euro & US Dollar Cashcard is simply loaded with the money you want to spend while you're abroad. There's no fee to obtain the ICE Travellers Cashcard providing you load more than £700, and there are no fees for using it.*

Easy to order

You simply order your card online and load money onto it using your debit card, credit card or by bank transfer. When loading an ICE Travellers Euro or US Dollar Cashcard your sterling is converted into your chosen currency without any fees or commission. When loading the Sterling Travellers Cashcard with sterling a load fee of 2.85% is applied. Once your card is loaded, you're good to go!

Easy to use

As soon as you receive your ICE Travellers Cashcard, it's ready to use abroad. You can withdraw cash from cash machines across the world, and anywhere you see the MasterCard® sign.

1.5% Cashback

Every time you use your ICE Travellers Cashcard, you'll receive 1.5% Cashback on purchases above €50/$50/£50 on the respective cards. It's just our little way of saying thank you for choosing us.

Peace of mind

Your security is important to us, so your ICE Travellers Cashcard is fully protected by chip and PIN. It's much safer than carrying cash, travellers cheques, lots of different credit cards, or a debit card.

A second card for back-up

Unlike other cards, we give you two cards. Your main card is loaded with your currency, and in case it's lost or stolen we'll simply cancel it and transfer the balance onto your spare card.

Order your ICE Travellers Cashcard now

Travel light, and get the benefit of a safer, cheaper and more convenient way to arrange and spend your holiday and travel money

*ICE Travellers Cashcards purchased with less than £700 loaded onto them will cost £4.75 from 12th May 2014. If you choose to load your card with money from a credit card, ICE will charge a 2% loading fee.

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