Clear+ card fees & limits

We want to make spending abroad simple, cheap and transparent for everyone – with no budgeting confusion or unexpected costs. That’s why we are completely transparent about our fees and limits. Take a look at the table below and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to drop us an email at [email protected]

Always transparent



How much?

The explanation

Getting started/adding money

Load/Top up fee – foreign currency wallets


Fee charged when you top up regardless of payment method. Like a commission fee

Load/Top up fee – Pound Sterling wallet


Additional card fee


No fee for getting a backup card, where available

Currency transfer fee


No fee for moving money between wallets. Foreign exchange rate applies, varies each day

Spend money/get cash

Fee for paying with the card


No fee for paying with your card, whether at retailers or online. Some retailers may charge their own fee

Fee for cash machine withdrawals


No fee for withdrawing cash at a cash machine. Some operators may charge their own fee. If you bought your card online rather than in-store, your fees & limits information is here.

Get your money back

Cash out fee at a store

Please check in store

Fee for cashing out your card before the card expires, or after a period of 12 months after the expiry date

Cash out fee by calling Card Services



Inactivity fee

£2.00 per month

Fee charged after a 12-month period of you not using your card (either by topping up your card, paying for transactions or withdrawing money), including after your card has expired. No fee if you have a zero balance

Foreign exchange fee


Where the card is used in a country that operates in a currency other than that on the card or you don’t have enough balance on the card in the transaction currency and the balance is taken from another currency wallet, the transaction amount will be converted into the next available currency in the usual wallet order. The foreign exchange rate is the rate determined by Mastercard, plus a foreign exchange fee of 5.75%.

You can check how our foreign exchange rates compare to the European Central Bank rates at

Please enter 5.75% as the foreign exchange fee

Shortfall fee

£10.00 (or currency equivalent)

Fee charged if a payment takes your balance below zero

Our Services

Replacement card fee


Free service to send you a new plastic card whilst you are away if you lose your card, or it is stolen or damaged, where this service is available



Minimum amount you can load or top up


Maximum amount you can withdraw from a cash machine in 24 hours


Maximum amount you can spend at retailers in 24 hours


Maximum amount you can have on your card at any one time


Maximum amount you can load in total in a 12-month period


Maximum number of active card accounts you may have at any one time


Please note: the amounts shown are the GBP equivalents of the limits available on the card, across all currencies.