Your exclusive Mastercard® ICE Clear card benefits


Global Wifi access with Boingo

You can enjoy free global Wifi hotspot access with your new ICE Clear card.

To access Boingo Wifi, you must register for a Boingo account within 12 months of buying your ICE Clear card, and must upload a minimum of £100. Please note that Wifi access is limited to three months from registration. Each time you top up your card, you will be able to access Wifi for an additional three months only. WiFi cannot be used in the UK.

Check out our FAQs below for more information or visit

How to access Boingo Wifi

  • Verify your eligibility on Boingo’s website by entering your card number on (this will take up to 24 hours*)
  • Once verified, register for a Boingo account
  • Download the Boingo app or visit their site to find hotspots in your area and login to your account
  • Register up to 4 devices and Enjoy your first three months of WiFi with Boingo

*If your card was delivered to your home, you need to activate it first. You will then need to verify your eligibility on, and this may take up to 24 hours.


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