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Where can I use the Barbadian Dollar?

Barbados! Barbados is home to an incredible variety of travel destinations, from its beautiful turquoise, white-sand beaches to its Unesco World Heritage-listed capital. Highlights include the cliffs of Bathsheba beach, snorkelling in Paynes Bay and the lively city of Bridgetown. 


How much spending money do I need for Barbados?

Barbados has a perception to be expensive as most things tend to be imported, but you can visit on any budget as long as you avoid overpriced tourist traps. Here's how much you can expect to pay for things in Barbados:

  • Three-course meal for 2 in a mid-range restaurant: Bds$130 
  • Domestic beer: Bds$4 
  • Cappuccino: Bds$7.44 
  • Bottle of water: Bds$2.50
  • Barbados Rum Punch cocktail: Bds$50

Budget your Barbados trip

Given the cricket is the national sport and afternoon teas are a popular past time, you might find this Caribbean island a little home away from home. With undeniably better weather! 

We have broken down the essential costs of a low, medium and high budget holiday to give you an idea of how much visiting Barbados' sandy beaches and turquoise bays might cost you.

Low budget Medium budget  High budget 
Overall budget for 1 week pp: $1000

Overall budget for 1 week pp: $3500

Overall budget for 1 week pp: More than $4300

Food, drink & accommodation in budget

  • A budget meal for one: Bds$25 - 40 
  • Cheap hotel room: Bd$80 - 120
  • Beer: Bds$4


Food, drink & accommodation in budget

  • Mid-range hotel: Bds$200 - 400 
  • Two-course dinner: Bds$50  – 65 
  • Cocktail: Bds$18

Food, drink & accommodation in budget

  • Luxury hotel: from Bds$400
  • Meal at top restaurant with wine: Bds$80 – 100
  • Cocktail: Bds$18

Activities in budget

  • Lounging on beautiful beaches: free
  • Bus ride: Bds$2
  • Admission to museums: Bds$20

Activities in budget

  • Turtle & shipwreck tour: Bds$80
  • 1/2 day windsurfing equipment rental: $120
  • Car hire: Bds$140

Activities in budget 

  • Yacht excursion: Bds$180 
  • 1/2 hr helicopter tour: Bds$350
  • Half-day snorkelling: Bds$140



What denominations do Barbadian Dollars come in?

The Barbadian Dollar comes in the following denominations:


2, 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100 BBD


1 BBD, 5, 10, 25 cents

Barbadian Dollars FAQs

What's the difference between the Barbadian and Bajan Dollar?

There is no difference as they are the same currency. 'Bajan' is simply short for 'Barbadian'. 

Can I pay in US Dollars in Barbados?

Yes, you can. The US Dollar is widely accepted in Barbados even though the official currency is the Barbadian or Bajan Dollar (BBD). 

However, you will certainly want to have some Barbadian Dollars with you as paying in the local currency is generally better than paying in US Dollars. 

Do I need a visa for Barbados?

You don't need to apply for a visa to visit Barbados if you have a British passport.

On entry, you will be granted a specified period of time to stay. If you want to take more time to explore the natural beauty of Barbados, you must apply and pay for an extension of stay through the Barbados Immigration Department first.

Where can I buy Barbadian Dollars?

You can buy Barbadian Dollars via our home delivery. Get your travel money delivered straight to your door, fully-insured and hassle-free!

Do I need to tip in Barbados?

Wondering whether it's appropriate to tip or not? A little tip of 10% to 15% (usually added to your bill) is standard in most restaurants and hotels. And so is a 10% tip in taxis.

Buy Back

Leftover Barbadian dollars?

No problem. We'll buy back any notes you have leftover at excellent rates, leaving you with more cash in your pocket (and a tidier desk drawer).

We will buy back up to GBP300 worth of currency per order, as per our terms and conditions.

To request a buy back, email [email protected] with your order number. 

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