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Unfortunately our stocks of Turkish Lira are very low at the moment so we’ve had to remove it from our website, but if you would like to order please call our Customer Service Team on 0330 123 1432 and they will be able to assist. Our opening hours are Monday-Friday 9am to 5.30pm and Saturday 10am-1pm.



Canadian Dollar


1 GBP = 1.6348

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FREE handling fee on orders equal to or above £700
£4.75 handling fee on orders between £300 and £699
£7.45 handling fee on orders between £100 and £299
£9.45 handling fee on orders equal to or below £99

Travellers Cashcards are fee FREE when your initial load is £700 or more, the fee will vary on initial loads of less than £700 (see T&Cs for details).

The Sterling amount is automatically recalculated to allow for the nearest foreign currency denomination available.

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