How to get your Israeli New Shekel

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Where can I use Israeli shekels?

In Israel! Israel is home to an incredible variety of travel destinations, from the hustle and bustle of Jerusalem and the dynamic nightlife of Tel Aviv, to the desert landscapes of the Masada National Park and the beaches of Eilat. 


How much spending money will I need for Israel?

Israel is a small country that’s filled to the brim with history and culture. Its holy sites are famous across the world, while its urban districts buzz with a unique vitality. Its focal areas of Jerusalem and Tel Aviv do carry the inflated costs associated with tourism, but a little planning (especially around the free sights and locally-produced food) will make sure your time will be unforgettable.

Prices will go down as you move away from the big cities, but here's you much you can expect to pay for things in Tel Aviv:

  • Three-course meal for 2 at a mid-range restaurant: 50₪ (£10)
  • Local coffee: 12₪ (£2.60) 
  • Imported beer: 27₪ (£6)
  • Big Mac: 11₪ (£2.40)
  • Bottle of water: 6.50₪ (£1.40) 

Check out our Tel Aviv travel guide to find out how to keep costs down on your trip. 

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Paying for things in Israel

Cards are accepted in all shops, restaurants and bars, but you’ll need cash for markets.

ATMs are easy to find throughout the city, but aren’t refilled during Shabbat (Friday-Saturday), so may be low on cash on the weekends.

Taxis are cash only, but you can also use Gett, the Israeli equivalent of Uber, which takes digital payments via an app.

Buses are cashless, and can be paid for using either a Rav Kav card or the Hop On app. 


What denominations does the Israeli New Shekel come in?

The Israeli New Shekel comes in the following denominations:


20, 50, 100 and 200 Shekels


10, 5, 2, 1 shekels and 50 and 10 agorot (a shekel is divided into 100 augurot) 

Buy Back

Leftover Israeli New Shekels?

No problem. We'll buy back any Israeli New Shekels you have leftover at excellent rates, leaving you with more cash in your pocket (and a tidier desk drawer).

We will buy back up to GBP300 worth of currency per order, as per our terms and conditions.

To request a buy back, email [email protected] with your order number. 

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