How to get your Norwegian Krone

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Where can I use Norwegian Krone?

In Norway! Norway is home to an incredible variety of travel destinations, from the natural beauty of the Norwegian fjords to the cosmopolitan sophistication of Oslo and Bergen.

How much spending money will I need for Norway?

Norway is famous for being one of the wealthiest – and most expensive – countries in the world. With stunning natural scenery and fascinating history it makes for an unforgettable holiday, but costs can really add up, so it’s important to plan a budget in advance.

Prices will vary depending on where you are in the country, but here’s how much you can expect to pay for things in Oslo:

  • Three-course meal for 2 in a mid-range restaurant: 800 kr (£65)
  • Bottle of domestic beer: 90 kr (£7.20)
  • Bottle of water: 26 kr (£2) (although tap water in Norway is great, so you shouldn’t need to buy too many of these)
  • Cappuccino: 42 kr (£3.40)
  • Big Mac: 125 kr (10)

Budget your Norway trip

Norway is a breathtaking place to explore, with a landscape like no other. Its famous fjords, mountains and inhospitable terrain caused its early inhabitants to become powerful explorers – so your trip is bound to include a large dose of both history and nature.  

Low budget

Medium budget

High budget

Overall budget (per day):

1,135 kr


Overall budget (per day):

2,340 kr


Overall budget (per day):

4,925 kr


Food, drink and accommodation in budget:

  • Hostel dorm bed: 500 kr (£40)
  • Water, breakfast, lunch and dinner at supermarkets / local restaurants: 450 kr (£36)
  • Two local beers: 180kr (£15)

Food, drink and accommodation in budget:

  • Hotel room: 880 kr (£70)
  • Coffee, two large bottles of water, breakfast, lunch and dinner at mid-price local restaurants: 955 kr (£77)
  • Two local beers: 180 kr (£15)

Food, drink and accommodation in budget:

  • Upscale hotel room: 2,000 kr (£160)
  • Two coffees, two large bottles of water, breakfast, lunch and dinner at upscale local restaurants 1,690 kr (£135)
  • Bottle of wine and two cocktails: 430 kr (£35)

Activities in budget:

  • Stroll around Ekebergparken (free)
  • Visit the Botanical Garden (free)
  • Walk the harbour promenade (free)
  • Watch the changing of the guard at the Royal Palace (free)

Activities in budget:

  • Entry to Viking Ship Museum: 100 kr (£8)
  • Entry to Vigeland Museum: 100 kr (£8)
  • Entry to Munch Museum: 120 kr (£10)

Activities in budget:

  • Visit the Norwegian Folk Museum: 160 kr (£13)
  • Oslofjord cruise trip (one person): 515 kr (£41)
  • Oslo Opera House tour: 120 kr (£10)

You’ll find no shortage of history in Oslo, which brings together the Akershus Fortress and castle, the Norwegian Folk Museum, one of the world’s largest and oldest open-air museums, the Historical Museum and the Viking Ship museum, which showcases the world’s best-preserved Viking ships. 

Stunning landscapes are everywhere in Norway – the Geirangerfjord, the Jotunheimen National Park and the Austfonna glacier to name just a few. Then there is Northern Norway, which offers the world’s most diverse range of ways to view the Northern Lights. Many rural settlements within the north are home to the Sami, the indigenous people of Norway whose reindeer-focused customs date back hundreds of years.

What denominations does the Norweigan Krone come in?

The Norwegian Krone comes in the following denominations:


1000, 500, 200, 100, 50 kr


20, 10, 5, 1 kr

Leftover Norwegian Krone?

No problem. We’ll buy back leftover Norwegian Krone at excellent exchange rates, leaving you with more cash in your pocket (and a tidier desk drawer).

Norwegian Krone FAQs

What currency is NOK / kr?

Kr is the currency symbol for the Norwegian Krone, the official currency of Norway. Its currency code is NOK.

Do I need cash or card in Norway?

Most businesses in Norway take debit cards, but some grocery stores and supermarkets don’t accept foreign credit cards. It is useful to carry some cash on you just in case. There are many ATMs in urban areas, and in most rural areas too.

What language do they speak in Norway?

Norwegian is the official language of Norway, which is spoken by over 95% of the population.

Is Norway safe?

Norway has one of the lowest crime rates in the world and is considered very safe.

Do I need a visa for Norway?

British citizens do not require a visa to visit Norway.

How much should I tip in Norway?

Tipping isn’t expected in Norway, but in bars and restaurants, it is common to leave a tip for good service or food. There is no rule for the proportion of a tip, but it is generally 5-15%.

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