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FAQs - Travel Money

1. How safe am I using ICE?

ICE - International Currency Exchange is one of the world's leading providers of retail Bureau de Change and online foreign exchange services, with over 400 branches globally. ICE forms part of the Lenlyn Group, which also includes Raphaels Bank. Raphaels Bank has a history stretching back 200 years and is Authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority. Our Group policies and procedures therefore revolve around strict guidelines and regulations. We have net assets of circa £50 million and publish our accounts annually, which are available for you to view here.

2. How secure is your online system?

All customer information is authenticated before being sent to a secure computer server. The encryption process takes the characters you enter on your PC and converts them into code that is then securely transmitted via the Internet. Only the secure server can read this data. We then run a data integrity test to ensure that any data sent has been transferred successfully and has not been tampered with. Our processes ensure that any personal information remains personal.

Note: This guarantee only applies to credit / debit card purchases made using the ICEPLC secure server. In the event of unauthorised use of your credit / debit card, you must notify your card provider in accordance with their own rules and procedures.

3. How much does delivery cost?

Our standard delivery is free of charge when you order £700 or more (a £4.75 fee applies to all orders under £700). If your order is placed before 3pm Monday-Friday (excluding bank holidays) your order will be despatched the same day (allow up to 3 working days for delivery).

Please note if you are paying by bank transfer, we can only despatch your order if we have received cleared funds by 3pm. This is based on how quickly your bank transmits the funds to us.

We offer a Saturday guaranteed delivery service for 99p, which can be requested up until 3pm on the Friday. If you place a ‘Saturday delivery’ order after 3pm on Friday, it will be delivered the following Saturday. We also offer a pre-10.00am guaranteed delivery for £14.99. This is available for deliveries made Monday-Friday and must be placed by 3pm to be delivered the next working day.

4. Can I change the date of delivery?

Unfortunately we are unable to change the date of delivery once an order has been placed.

5. When will my order be delivered?

Unless you have requested a guaranteed Saturday delivery your order will be delivered as below:

Order placed and payment received Order despatched Delivery date (best case)* Delivery date (worst case)
Before 3.00 pm
Monday Monday Tuesday Thursday
Tuesday Tuesday Wednesday Friday
Wednesday Wednesday Thursday Saturday
Thursday Thursday Friday Tuesday
Friday Friday Monday Wednesday
Saturday Monday Tuesday Thursday
Sunday Monday Tuesday Thursday
After 3.00 pm
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Friday
Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Saturday
Wednesday Thursday Friday monday
Thursday Friday Monday Wednesday
Friday Monday Tuesday Thursday
Saturday Monday Tuesday Thursday
Sunday Monday Tuesday Thursday
* 90% will receive their order the next business day. We have no control over when Royal Mail will attempt delivery of your order with us when using our standard free delivery service.
6. How is my order delivered? What happens if I miss the delivery?

We use Royal Mail to deliver your order. This is a fully insured service that requires a signature. If you are unable to be at home to sign for your order, it will be taken back to your local Royal Mail delivery office and a 'Whilst you were out’ card will be left informing you where it is. Once the card has been left you can either collect your order from your local delivery office or arrange re-delivery when you are at home (details of how to do this will be on the card).

7. Can I have the tracking number for my order?

Unfortunately we do not give out tracking numbers for security reasons. However, our Customer Service Team will be happy to track your order for you. Just give us a call on 0330 123 1432 or request a call back, ensuring you have your order number to hand.

8. Can I have my order delivered to my work address or another address?

Unfortunately this is not possible. All orders have to be delivered to the billing address of the card used for payment and it must be a residential address.

9. Can I pick up my order from one of your branches instead of having it delivered?

Online travel money orders cannot be picked up from our branches. Our Click & Collect service, however, gives discounted rates on the Euro and US Dollar at a range of our branches. Click here to find your nearest location. If you want to collect a different currency or collect from any one of our other ICE branches within the UK, please click here.

10. Who can sign for the delivery?

Your order will be sent fully insured via Royal Mail and it therefore needs to be signed for at the address on the package, but not necessarily by the addressee.

It is at the delivery person’s discretion to decide if the person that answers the door is able to sign for a package. For example they would not let a young child sign for the package.

11. What are your order limits?

Our minimum order threshold is £100.

If paying by credit or debit card the maximum order limit is £2500 per person online and £1250 over the phone per 14 day period.

If paying by bank transfer it is £7500 per person, per 14 day period. The maximum amount any one person can order with us within a 14 day period is £7500.

As an example, this entails you could not order £2500 online by credit/debit card, then order £7500 by bank transfer afterwards.

Additionally, we cannot send more than £7500 to an address per day. If two people were to order over £7500 on the same day to be delivered to the same address, one of these orders would have to be delayed by a day.

12. Can I cancel my order if I haven’t sent any money?

Yes. Simply reply to your Order Acknowledgement email with your request.

Please be aware that if you have already transferred money to us, then there will be a £10 admin fee to cancel the order.

13. Can I amend my order?

No, unfortunately this is not possible. Once an order has been placed it cannot be amended. We can, however, cancel the order and void the payment. Another order can then be placed, taking into account the amended details.

With bank transfer orders, we can simply cancel it out of the system. If a payment is in transit from your bank to ours then we charge a £10 admin fee to return the money to your bank.

14. Do you make any charges?

For orders of £700 or over there is no charge. If your order is under £700 there is a handling fee of £4.75.

Please note some delivery fees may apply. Please see 'How much does delivery cost?' for more information. There may also be a charge based on your method of payment. Please see 'Do you charge if I use a debit/credit card?' for more information.

15. Do you charge if I use a debit/credit card?

We will not charge you to use a debit card, and neither will your bank.

Using a credit card will incur a charge of 2%. Your credit card issuer may also make a charge when using your card to purchase currency.

16. Can I pay using my company/somebody else’s credit/debit card?

The service we provide is intended for personal use only.

We also have to send all orders to a residential address, which must be the billing address of the card used for payment.

17. I have paid by bank transfer, have you received my payment?

Normally payments take up to 2 hours to reach us.

If you would like to check the progress of your order, just reply to your ‘Order Acknowledgement’ email with your request.

18. I have placed my order, but no payment is showing from my bank account?

If you have received an Order Acknowledgement and have an order number then your order has been successful.

On the Order Acknowledgement it will tell you the payment method. If it says credit/debit card then your payment has been successful. It may just take a few days for the funds to show as being debited from your bank account.

If the payment method shows as bank transfer, then you need to transfer the funds to us, using the bank details on the order acknowledgement and using your order number as a reference.

19. I am having problems paying. What are the possible causes?

We accept payment via card if the address we hold matches the address the card is registered to. If the address is different, the payment will be voided and the order will not be completed.

If you are using a credit card, the transaction is classed as a cash advance transaction, and your credit card company or bank may see this as you making a cash withdrawal. This can be seen as unusual activity on your account and the fraud protection your Credit Card company offer will be blocking the transaction.

To resolve this problem please contact your card provider and inform them that the transaction is a genuine transaction and that they should remove the block. Once you have done this please try to put the payment through again. Please do not try your card multiple times without checking either with your bank or ourselves that no payment has been completed.

20. How do I make a bank transfer?

You can make a bank transfer through online banking, telephone banking or in your branch. If you are unsure how to do this, please contact your bank and they will be able to explain the process.

Our bank details are included on your Order Acknowledgement email.

21. The currency I want isn’t on your website, why?

We stock a wide range of currencies, but unfortunately it is not possible for us to obtain all currencies. If the currency you require is not on our website, this means we are unable to supply it.

22. I want traveller’s cheques, but cannot find them on your website?

We no longer supply traveller’s cheques. As an alternative, why not consider an ICE Travellers Cashcard?

23. I want specific notes; can I request this?

Unfortunately it is not possible to request specific denominations when placing orders online, should you wish to place an order with specific denominations please place your order over the telephone with one of our dedicated Customer Service Officers ensuring you state your request for denominations before payment method is requested.

Please be aware, however, that although we make every effort to meet denomination requests, it is not always possible, and therefore we cannot guarantee your request.

Should we be unable to provide you with exactly what you have requested, we will do our utmost to ensure it is as close to your request as possible.

24. Why can’t your system sufficiently verify me?

We use a third party system to verify the identity of all our customers. This is a legal requirement to help combat fraud and money laundering. If the system we use is unable to verify your identity, this could be due to a number of reasons, including:

  • You have input incorrect information about your personal details.
  • The address you have input is not your residential address.
  • You have not been living at your current address very long.
  • You are not on the Electoral Roll at the address provided.

For more information please call us on 0330 123 1432 or request a call back.

25. How is my information stored/what do you do with my information?

Please see our Privacy Policy.

26. Are the rates at your branches the same as online?

Branch rates are set by the individual branch, and therefore vary (and will be different) from the rates offered online. This differential is attributable to varying operating costs, regional and localised competition, and other extraneous factors.

We understand that convenience is essential for customers, and therefore we offer a number of choices for buying currency at competitive rates, whether online in advance, in branch or last minute at the airport.

To find out individual branch rates, please contact them directly. For a list or our branches and their contact details please click here.

27. Why are the rates at your branches different from your online rates?

We work hard to keep our prices fair and competitive around the world. Based on regular monitoring, exchange rates provided by ICE are consistently amongst the most competitive in the market place.

Due to differences in distribution, costs of operation, regional competition and other extraneous factors, online prices do not always match ICE branch prices and prices also vary from branch to branch.

This is standard practice amongst the majority of businesses, across various industries. For example, any major supermarket will have price variations from store to store and region to region for these very reasons.

28. Do you offer a Currency Buy-back service?

Yes. If you return from your travels with unspent holiday money, we will buy this back at our buy-back rate.

For more information on this, please click here.

29. Is there a time limit within which I must request a buy-back?

No, there are no time limits. If you would like to send some currency back to us please send an email to [email protected], and ensure you include your order number, the currency you have and how much you would like us to buy back. We will then be able to give you a quote and let you know the procedure for sending currency back to us.

30. Do you offer a Price Match service?

Yes we do. If you find a better rate from a company offering a ‘like for like’ service and you are ordering more than £1500 of currency, just give us a call on 0330 123 1432.

For the full Ts & Cs of our Price Match Promise please click here.

31. What is the rate for orders over £2000?

In general, on orders over £2,000, the more that you order, the better the rate. Please call us on 0330 123 1432 to get a quote.

32. The website keeps looping me to the sign in page. Why?

In the majority of cases, this occurs due to browser issues. The first port of call is to delete your cookies and temporary internet files, and ensure your security settings are set to medium. This should resolve the issues you are having. If you are still having problems, please email [email protected].

33. I have moved. How do I update my details?

You can do this by signing in to your account, then choosing Update Your Details. If you are experiencing problems with this, please email us at [email protected] with the current details, new details and your Date of Birth.

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