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Baggage – why size matters for airlines

Airlines rated by baggage generosity

On any holiday travel flight aboard, few games on a plane are more frenzied or traumatic than the Find the Hand Baggage Space Challenge.

But don’t despair if you’re suffering from stress-related cabin fever – help is now at hand.

A new BBC study of 17 leading airlines across Europe gives UK tourists on foreign holidays advice about the best carriers for allowing the most baggage with the fewest weight restrictions.

The winners

Spanish airline, Iberia, is identified as the most generous airline in the study. It permits bigger bags with zero weight restrictions.

In relation to baggage proportion, Iberia, along with Jet2, Monarch Airlines and British Airways, allows bags with proportions scaling 22 by 17 by 9 inches (or 56 by 45 by 25 cms).

The last three all have weight restrictions, however, which is why Iberia featured at the top.

And the rest

The BBC report shows that Ryanair and Thomas Cook are perhaps unsurprisingly near the bottom of the list.

The former, for example, imposes baggage charges of up to £75.


Read more on the BBC website.

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