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Cheapest time to book flights

New study reveals how to save money when booking flights

The best times for holidaymakers to save money on their flight tickets have been revealed in a new study.

Tuesdays are the cheapest day to purchase plane flights, preferably over 21 days prior to take-off, according to the Airlines Reporting Corporation (ARC) and Expedia.

Travellers looking to save most on long weekends abroad will find the best deals if they fly on Thursdays and come back on Mondays, the study also found.

Short-haul weekend flyers can save themselves up to a quarter of the usual price by booking flights between Saturdays and Tuesdays upwards of seven weeks before take-off.

The report recommends that travellers flying abroad will enjoy the greatest value for money if they pre-book 150 to 225 days before their flight.

Tourists can save themselves around £700 on trips to large resorts such as Hawaii and Mexico by buying accommodation and flights in package deals. Overall, they can save around £344 on trips to all destinations this way.

What’s more, the research, which appeared in a report called Preparing for Takeoff: Air Travel Trends for 2015, indicated that there were more treats in store for holidaymakers.

Ticket prices should fall in the new year to reflect cheaper fuel costs and greater numbers of flights, the ARC and Expedia travel firm predict.


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