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Good food tops foreign holiday wishlist

Britons on foreign holidays prefer eating quality food above all else, according to a new survey of our travel habits abroad.

Nearly two-thirds (63%) claimed that “good food” is essential to a getaway being a success, a study by travel search site momondo found.

People surveyed were asked which of of 12 cultural activities linked to going on holiday they most liked to do with family, friends or a partner.

The reply 'eating out at restaurants' was mentioned most frequently.

Over a quarter of Britons (26%) are adventurous enough to prefer sampling unknown, local dishes when abroad, the report showed.

Nearly half (45%) preferred to share their appetite equally between unfamiliar meals and well-known favourites, while just 15% of Brits favoured eating food they were already accustomed with.

Julie Pedersen, travel spokesperson at momondo, called Britons “culinary curious people”.

She said the research mirrors how food is the focal point for many Britons when they travel.

Ms Pedersen added: “Cooking is so often an expression of culture and travellers can experience something closer to the local experience, by eating local cuisine.”


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