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Healthy Brits ‘opting for active holidays’

Over seven in 10 Britons (72%) would be happy to consider a healthy holiday, according to new research.

But rather than travel abroad to find it, they are more likely to look at an active break in the UK than anywhere else, Flora ProActiv suggests.

The survey of 2,000 people shows that Alpine skiing or mountaineering and Ibizan yoga breaks are second best to home-based health jaunts.

They even beat sun-kissed lounging in the Mediterranean, the survey shows.

Three in 10 Britons say they would prefer a UK-based active holiday, rather than healthy breaks in places such as second-placed Italy (12%) and third-placed Spain (8%).

France (7%), Sweden (6%) and Portugal (3%) are ranked fourth, fifth and sixth respectively.

Then come Germany (2%) and Holland (1%) as the holiday destinations where Britons would most like to tone up.

The poll also finds that 41% of UK people over 45 claim they do more exercise on their breaks than they ever did before.

The so-called silver surfer generation (the over-55s) seem less health-conscious when it comes to medical checks, however.

The poll shows that 40% have gone throughout their lives without a cholesterol test.

More than 41% of this generation have been found to have increased cholesterol. But 12% have not acted upon it to help prevent the dangers of heart problems.


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