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Travel poll backs airport ‘vaping’

Most travellers would support designated “vaping” areas for the use of e-cigarettes in airports, a travel survey suggests.

More than half (57%) of respondents in the Skyscanner poll said they would not object to other airports following Heathrow’s lead, where a 323 sq ft “vaping zone” was recently opened in the International Departures Lounge at Terminal 4.

Support among smokers for other airports to follow the lead of the London travel hub was 70% and among non-smokers it was 50%.

The survey showed 40% of people think “vaping zones” should be allowed on board planes and, if they were, around two-thirds (64%) of smokers said they would consider buying and using e-cigarettes during a flight.

Figures from the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) show that use of e-cigarettes – which do not produce smoke, instead emitting a vapour with a similar appearance – has grown quickly to an estimated 1.3 million users this year.

People taking holiday flights out of Heathrow can use only the designated “vaping zone” opened by e-cigarette manufacturer Gamucci, with other defined areas for the smoking of traditional cigarettes outside the terminal building.

Travel advice on Heathrow’s website tells airport users that e-cigarettes “can be carried on your person, but please check with your airline on whether they are allowed on board the aircraft”.


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