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20 Places to visit in 2020

By Zuzana Hajska | Marketing Officer at ICE

Happy New Year everyone! A new year can mean only one thing- new opportunities to travel the world.

Here is our list of 20 places to check off your travel bucket list in 2020.

1. Oslo, Norway

The European Green capital for 2019, Oslo is one of the fastest growing capitals that has a lot to offer for visitors coming from all around the world. Its dedication to the environment translates into a spectacular architecture complimented by nearby fjords and pristine forests, making Oslo a sustainable heaven for any environmentally conscious travellers.

Currency: Norwegian Krone

2. Tokyo, Japan

A perfect marriage of old and new, Tokyo welcomes 28.7 million visitors from all around the world each year. Experience Japanese arts and culture, futuristic technology and centuries-old traditions that make Tokyo a top travel destination.

Currency: Japanese Yen

3. Porto, Portugal

This vibrant European city is crammed with extensive history and a buzzing night scene that travellers of all ages can enjoy. Porto is also a surfing paradise for anyone who is looking for the perfect waves.

Currency: Euro

4. Parma, Italy

Hidden in the heart of Northern Italy, Parma is an ideal spot for any travellers looking for culinary sensations and breathtaking Renaissance art. Named Italian Capital of Culture for 2020, Parma is the birth place of Giuseppe Verdi’s operas, as well as the ‘king of cheeses’, Parmigiano-Reggiano, and Parma ham.

Currency: Euro

5. Split, Croatia

Croatia’s second largest city Split combines an ancient history dated back to the Roman Empire with a modern life filled with outdoorsy activities in the nearby mountains and world-class nightlife. All on top of crystal clear water and delicious fresh seafood.

Currency: Croatian Kuna

6. Barbados, Caribbean

Notorious for its dazzling sand beaches lined with palm trees and hammocks, Barbados is a home away from home with its afternoon teas and a legendary cricket scene. A Unesco World Heritage-listed capital, stunning bays and cracking nightlife, this Caribbean island makes for a top location to visit in 2020.

Currency: Barbadian Dollar

7. Copenhagen, Denmark

The birthplace to the fashionable hygge lifestyle, Copenhagen is known for its Skandi chic culture and amazing architecture. With 15 Michelin-starred restaurants, sustainable urban planning and Danish design, this cycling heaven should definitely make your travel list in 2020.

Currency: Danish Krone

8. Singapore, Southeast Asia

The city state of Singapore is unlike anywhere else in Southeast Asia, or the whole world as a matter of fact. You can never be bored in this progressive metropolis known to be a melting pot of dozens of different cultures.

Currency: Singapore Dollar

9. Geneva, Switzerland

Home to the European headquarters of the United Nations, Geneva lies on a picturesque Lake Geneva at the foot of Alps. Top rated restaurants, world class entertainment and beautiful scenery make for a great city-break in 2020.

Currency: Swiss Franc

10. Denpasar, Bali

If you’re thinking of visiting Bali this year, make sure to also spend some time in Bali’s capital, Denpasar. This ever-changing and vibrant city might surprise you with its breathtaking temples and authentic local cuisine.

Currency: Indonesian Rupiah

11. Sicily, Italy

Looking for the perfect summer paradise? You just found yourself one. The stunning island of Sicily seduces visitors with its dazzling diversity of landscapes and cultural treasures.

Currency: Euro

12. Vancouver, Canada

Vancouver is so much more than just a stop-over on your way to the spectacular landscape British Columbia is known for. Make sure to swing by Downtown Vancouver to grab a drink or two and walk alongside sandy shorelines to get the ultimate view of this astonishing city.

Currency: Canadian Dollar

13. Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul aka the city of two continents and many tales is truly a magical place to visit. Bridging Europe and Asia both geographically and culturally, experience the mysticism of East and the modernity of the West.

Currency: Turkish Lira

14. Bratislava, Slovakia

A medieval old town with a Renaissance castle overlooking the whole city and a futuristic looking bridge suitably nicknamed UFO, the Slovakian capital is a hidden travel gem. Conveniently located between Vienna and Budapest, make sure to pay Bratislava a visit this year.

Currency: Euro

15. Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Overflowing with world-class shopping and entertainment, Dubai welcomed over 8 million tourists in 2019. Whether you want to go skydiving over the Palm Jumeirah island or float above sand dunes in a hot air balloon, anything is possible in Dubai.

Currency: United Arab Emirates Dirham

16. Cape Town, South Africa

A blend of different cultures, delicious cuisines and stunning landscapes, there is nowhere quite like Cape Town. Crowned by the outstanding Table Mountain National Park where you can get a magnificent view of the whole city and a ridiculously beautiful coastline, you can visit Cape Town all year round due to its steadily warm temperatures.

Currency: South African Rand

17. Tulum, Mexico

Dreaming of going on a stress-free holiday filled with sandy beaches and margaritas by a pool? Tulum, one of Mexico’s most popular travel destinations, might be just the right fit for you then.

Currency: Mexican Peso

18. Bucharest, Romania

If you want to explore more of Europe but are on a tighter budget this year, Bucharest is the one. A fascinating history, delicious local cuisine and a cracking night out… hello Bucharest!

Currency: Romanian Leu

19. New Orleans, United States

The city known for its endless celebrations, a legendary music scene and a brilliant mix of Caribbean, African and European cuisine should top the travel bucket list of any food and jazz lovers in 2020.

Currency: US Dollar

20. Brisbane, Australia

Sunny all year round, Brisbane is full of innovation and fun outdoor activities that appeal to travellers from all over the world. Try kayaking or inner-city rock climbing before grabbing yourself a cup of locally roasted coffee or a vegan chocolate donut.

Currency: Australian Dollar

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