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A Caffeinated Travel Guide

By Tasha Kleeman |

Take your caffeine habit just as seriously on holiday as you do at home? From taking part in a coffee ceremony in Ethiopia to sampling coffee sweetened with condensed milk in Indonesia, here’s our guide to the top 10 places around the world to get your coffee fix.

1. Vienna, Austria

Best for: historic coffeehouses

What to order: einspänner (traditional Viennese coffee: two shots of espresso with whipped cream) or a weiner melange (a mix of frothed milk and steamed coffee – a bit like a cappuccino)

Top spots: Café Schwarzenberg, Café Prückel and Café Central

Price of an average brew: $4.35

2. Rome, Italy


Best for: a shot of espresso

What to order: a caffè (a strong espresso shot). If you want a cappuccino, you’re best off ordering one before 11am – only tourists drink milky coffee after breakfast

Top spots: Antigua Tazza d’Oro, Sciascia Caffè 1919, Sant’Eustachio il Caffè, and Antico Caffè Greco: the oldest coffee shop in Rome

Price of an average brew: $0.99

3. Melbourne, Australia


Best for: alcoholic coffee (like Mr. Black: a cold press coffee liqueur)

What to order: a classic flat white or cold brew

Top spots: Pellegrini’s Espresso Bar, Captains of Industry, Code Black Coffee Roasters and Axil

Price of an average brew: $3.17

4. Istanbul, Turkey


Best for: rich, full-bodied Turkish coffee

What to order: traditional kahve (drink it slowly, and watch out for the grinds at the bottom)

Top spots: Fazil Bey’s Turkish Coffee Shop, Pierre Loti Café, Java Studio and Midpoint Café

Price of an average brew: $1.41

5. São Paulo, Brazil


Best for: a strong brew

What to order: café com leite (double espresso with hot milk) in the morning, and espresso later on

Top spots: Coffee Lab, Café Floresta and The Little Coffee Shop

Price of an average brew: $1.50

6. Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam


Best for: unusual variations (like sua chua ca phe: yoghurt coffee, or ca phe trung: egg coffee)

What to order: ca phe sua (‘milk coffee’): strong black drip coffee, topped with sweetened condensed milk

Top spots: Workshop Speciality Café, Shin Coffee, Yoko Cafe or The Coffee Ship (a café on a boat)

Price of an average brew: $1.55

7. Anchorage, Alaska


Best for: abundance – Alaska has one of the highest coffee-shop-to-human ratios in the US

What to order: a classic filter brew

Top spots: Kaladi Brothers, Black Cup or SteamDot

Price of an average brew: $3.50

8. Botogá, Colombia


Best for: regional coffee varieties

What to order: a Tinto coffee (‘inky water’) – a thicker and more concentrated coffee thought of as the coffee of the people, and widely available on the city’s streets for as little as ten cents a cup

Top spots: Azahar, Catación Pública, or El Altillo – or get the full experience with a Flavors of Botoga Specialty Coffee Workshop

Price of an average brew: $1.63

9. Addis Ababa, Ethiopia


Best for: coffee infused with cinnamon and cloves

What to order: traditional coffee served at an Ethiopian coffee ceremony, where your drink will be served alongside peanuts, sweet bread and popcorn

Top spots: Tomoca, Mokarar and Yod Abyssinia

Price of an average brew: $1

10. Jakarta, Indonesia

Best for: unusual varieties like kopi joss (charcoal coffee), kopi jahe (ginger coffee) and kopi luwak: a specialist variety created from digested coffee cherries (which happens to be the most expensive coffee in the world)

What to order: Kopi tubruk – plain, brewed coffee, served in coffee shops across the city

Top spots: Tanamera, Anomali Coffee, Kopi Mank and Coffee Grounds

Price of an average brew: $4.10

* according to data collected by UBS

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