Travel tips

How to pack light

Being able to pack light is a valuable skill that could turn into a necessity in the future, especially for flights.

With restrictions already in place on what luggage you can take, and heavy charges for going over, any trip – whether it is for business or pleasure – can take a knock if your luggage is too big or too heavy. To save yourself the extra costs, and the stress that comes with re-budgeting your entire trip, read on.

Planning ahead

Like many tasks, planning ahead helps. Think about where you’re going and how long for to determine exactly what clothes you need. If you’re going away for four days, you probably won’t need eight outfits and six pairs of shoes and that will save you a lot of space. Choose clothes that complement each other in various outfits to ensure you have a different look on minimal amounts of clothes.

If you have access to washing facilities, then that can also cut back on how much luggage you can take. Yes, you’re going on holiday and don’t want to spend all of your time washing clothes like at home, but if it saves you money, it just might be worth taking a couple of hours to do it.

Carrying a lot of travel money around can also be a worry. For those of you who think that there never seems like a safe enough space to store all of your travel cash securely in your luggage and worry you might lose it or it could be stolen, an  ICE prepaid currency card  is a much safer option that is easier to keep on your person and look after.

Practise makes perfect

Another advantage of planning ahead is that you have time to practise packing before you travel. You will be able to see exactly how much space you have and what you can take with you. The best tip for packing is to roll as many items as possible instead of folding. Start with shoes and bulky items at the bottom and sides to spread the weight.

Tuck smaller items like socks inside your shoes to save space and thinner items can be packed in between the bulkier pieces. If you have formal or evening wear that you want to keep crease free, then fold tightly and put in after the rolled up clothing.

Doing this before you travel allows you to take stock of everything you are taking and if at first it doesn’t fit, or is too heavy, you can repack to make sure you meet the regulations.

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