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Keeping your money safe while travelling

Don’t let a pickpocket spoil your holiday. Here are our top tips for looking after your cash while you’re away.

1. Don’t flash your cash

It sounds obvious, but it’s easy to forget. Avoid drawing attention to your cash by keeping it hidden away in your bag or on your body, and having it organised so you can get it out subtly and in small quantities when you need to pay for things.

2. Don’t keep it all in one place

It’s always best to split up your cash. You could keep some in your wallet, some in a pocket of your jeans, some in your hand luggage and some hidden away in a sock in your suitcase – just don’t forget you put it there!

3. Leave some in the hotel

Unless you’re staying in shared accommodation or somewhere you don’t feel your stuff is safe, there’s no need to take all your cash out and about with you. You’ll be able to relax much more if you leave some of it locked in your hotel safe, and will be more likely to stick to your daily budget.

4. Avoid secluded ATMs

If you need to withdraw some cash while you’re out and about, try and stick to ATMs in busy public spaces or, even better, inside a bank.

5. Keep it zipped up

Never carry your cash in an open bag. Take one that zips up and, ideally, can be carried across your body. Where possible, keep your money in zipped up compartments within your bag, and remember that backpacks are easy to open from behind.

6. Invest in an old-school money belt

They may not win you any style awards, but they’re completely thief-proof.

7. Try a prepaid travel money card

If you’re worried about carrying too much cash, a prepaid card is a secure alternative. Prepaid cards aren’t attached to your bank account, so the stakes of them being stolen are pretty low. They’re also PIN protected and can be frozen immediately. You can read more about prepaid cards here.

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