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The perfect proposal- where to propose in Europe

By Zuzana Hajska | Marketing Officer at ICE

Are you thinking about getting down on one knee abroad? Choosing the right place to pop the question can be as hard as choosing the right ring, especially if you are on a budget.

There is no need to worry though, asking your soulmate to marry you does not need to ruin your finances! We have looked into most popular engagement locations and compared them to cheaper alternatives, so you can start saving money for the big day.

Top 3 most expensive proposal destinations


Paris, aka the infamous city of love, is often considered one of the most romantic destinations for engagements. Sadly, a trip to Paris alone can be less amorous when it comes to your wallet.

A five star hotel for one night costs an average of £758, with a five star tasting menu setting you back around £320 per person (excluding the fancy wine!). The Eiffel tower might seem like the iconic engagement destination but being in central Paris might make you feel like you need to be the richest person alive.


Usually named one of the most expensive cities in the world, getting down on one knee in London can get pricey real quick.

While the five star restaurant sits well under what you might pay in Paris, it will still cost £145 per person without any alcohol. A five star London hotel is similar at £738 for a night, but if you want to propose with 100 red roses, a central London flower vendor will charge you an eye-watering £199.

Taxis in London are notoriously expensive, so taking a scenic drive with your loved one will cost you around £50 per hour, which is by far the most expensive of all the locations. A bottle of champagne on the other hand is a more reasonable £37, although this isn’t accounting for those with more expensive taste buds.


Another city which tops the most romantic list is Venice. You can blissfully wonder around Venetian Gothic houses or float along on a gondola until you find the perfect spot where to pop the question, without being drowned out by traffic (since central Venice is car-free).

But this idyllic location is one of the busiest touristy locations, so it’s likely you’ll be left feeling ripped off. While a five star hotel for one night came out as the cheapest for our three cities (although not by that much), the 100 red roses on the other hand were the most expensive, priced at £518. Maybe try celebrating with a meal at a five star restaurant instead, starting at a reasonable £138.

Top 3 cheaper alternatives (save between £600- £700!)


While sunny Barcelona might be known for many touristy attractions but not necessarily for being the perfect engagement spot, we believe the thrill of romance does spread across the city, with its quaint narrow streets and beautiful sand beaches.

What’s more, you can find a five star hotel in Barcelona for a very reasonable £223, with the five star restaurant costing around £164. Although you might want to stay more centrally to really enjoy Barcelona’s might sights and experience the city as a local, taxis are cheap with an average one hour ride costing you £19.


Are you looking for a city as beautiful as Venice, but without the constant crowds and queues? Offering beautiful architecture and some of the most iconic romantic spots buried deep within the city, Vienna might be just the right place for you to get down on one knee.

All things while reducing your expenses by almost half, starting with a five star hotel around £302 for a night. Your red roses will be the most expensive item you purchase at £194, but you can offset this cost by impressing with the cheapest five star restaurant we could find across all our destinations, costing £111.


Trying to find the perfect proposal destination that won’t break the bank at the same time? Prague is a city that could offer a unique spin to your proposal, filled with the vibrancy to match London, while offering the beauty of Venice.

What’s more, it is the cheapest of all of our options. You can get yourself into a five star hotel for just £151, only few minutes walk from Prague’s most iconic sights. And the meal? That will set you back £120. Even though we highly recommend walking hand in hand around the back streets of Prague’s old town and explore the city on foot, a taxi around Prague for pittance with an hour will cost you only £12.







Five star hotel for one night







Five star restaurant (tasting menu – excluding wine)







Taxi ride (average 1 hour)







Flowers (large bunch / 100 red roses)







Champagne (central wine merchant)














Good luck finding the perfect spot!

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