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Travel insurance: a holiday must-have

Aviva survey reiterates importance of travel insurance

Travel insurance should be worked into holiday budgets for outdoor types this winter, as new research suggests nearly half of snow-loving holidaymakers have been involved in an accident or near miss.

The poll of 1,000 skiers by Aviva showed that three-quarters of these injuries ended in emergency medical treatment.

Almost 1 in 7 travellers admits to not taking out the relevant insurance cover for winter sports, even though 64% say they would not be able to pay for treatment themselves.

The average amount uninsured respondents said they could afford for emergency medical treatment was £492 – this figure is £248 under last year’s average winter sports claim.

The cost of ambulances, transport and healthcare overseas means that the cost of a claim for serious knee damage could reach £24,000 and spinal damage, £31,000.

The average traveller believes these would cost £13,570 and £22,000 respectively.

Many holidaymakers falsely think that they do not need insurance if they have a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC).

The EHIC cover does not include rescue services for skiers and snowboarders, extra accommodation if they cannot fly home, or the extra travel costs should they need repatriation for treatment back to the UK.

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