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Wellness for one-and-all: How to enjoy the high life at low prices

  • Wellness breaks are one of the hottest travel trends, but only 3% of Brits can afford the average retreat
  • Currency experts reveal how to save thousands of pounds on luxury wellness breaks that boost health, mood and wellbeing
  • Wellness expert shares insight on the benefits of a wellness break on your physical and emotional wellbeing

Wellness tourism is the fastest-growing travel sector, worth a staggering £495 billion.

However, with analysis showing that the average ‘wellness break’ comes in at £2,505, the concept of a luxury retreat is only attainable to those who can afford the hefty price tag. In fact, only 3% of Brits can afford the average wellness holiday. And when questioned about the cost of their last break, almost 1 in 5 (18.43%) Brits reported spending £250-£499, a fraction of the average wellness holiday.

To combat this and ensure that wellness isn’t just for the wealthy, experts at International Currency Exchange (ICE), a world-leading currency exchange provider, have conducted in-depth research and created a DIY Wellness Guide. By booking flights, accommodation and luxury treatments yourself, you can save more than £2,500 by avoiding the ‘all-inclusive’ premium price-tag.

For a yoga retreat, head to Croatia
While a seven night yoga package will set you back an average of £2,846, a DIY break in Croatia is an excellent, cost-effective alternative. With beautiful scenery, a flourishing yoga scene and cheap flights, a DIY yoga break in Croatia comes in at £820 per person, including flights, accommodation in a luxury 5* hotel, food and yoga classes.
Saving: £2,026

For a detox retreat, go to Slovenia
Detox retreats in Italy are an attractive option for wellness tourists but don’t come cheap, costing £2,926 on average. However, a DIY detox break in the neighbouring Slovenian Alps offers equal beauty and tranquillity at a much more affordable price. A DIY detox break, including a week’s stay in a secluded hotel in the Triglav National Park, flights and accommodation, only comes to £997.66 per person.
Saving: £1,928.34

For a digital detox, Cuba is the answer
Digital detox retreats promise tech-free tranquillity at an average of £2,561. For an authentic off-grid experience, why not plan a trip to Cuba where WIFI is rarely free and you need a special permit to access the internet. Opting for a DIY digital detox retreat will cost you £1,132.90 including flights, food and luxury accommodation.
Saving £1,428.10

Enjoy a vegan retreat in Berlin
With the growing popularity of veganism has come the rise of the vegan retreat: a package offering strict vegan menus and plant-based cookery classes. Vegan retreats in Indonesia, the Philippines or France will set you back an average of £2,225. Cut costs by curating your own plant-based getaway in Berlin, recently ranked by Happy Cow as one of the world’s most vegan-friendly cities. A week-long stay including flights, accommodation and vegan cooking classes costs £739.70.
Saving: £1,485.30

Take a relaxing spa break in Turkey
All-inclusive spa resorts in Crete and Italy cost around £1,965 per person on average. You can get more for your money by opting for a luxury spa break in Turkey where wellness retreats come at a much more affordable price. A seven-night stay in a spa hotel including spa access, five spa treatments, flights and food costs £1,318.
Saving: £647

Paul Joseph, Wellness Expert at Health and Fitness Travel, commented: “Wellness travel is one of the hottest trends in travel today, as more consumers seek relief from daily stress and constant connectivity. A holiday is far better for your health than you might think. You not only have the chance to escape from the stresses of daily life, but you can stimulate your mind with a new culture and learn healthier habits. It’s a great chance to not just relax, but also to improve your physical and emotional well-being, and return home with fantastic memories. People don’t want to sit on a beach sunning themselves for 10 hours a day; they want to return home with lasting benefits, long after the tan’s faded.”

Louis Bridger, General Manager of ICE in the UK and Ireland, who conducted the research, said: “The wellness travel sector is booming like never before. However, with rising popularity comes rising prices, and most wellness breaks now come at an extortionate price point.

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